jio prime free trick (how to subscribe and plans)

jio prime free trick  The free service of internet and calls from the dominator Jio has finally come to an end. Now, you will no longer be able to enjoy the free services. You would need to pay in order to continue using the Jio services. Recently, Jio has launched a new program called Jio Prime. It’s nothing but kind of membership which will help you to enjoy additional benefits compared to the normal user.

For Example: If a jio prime user does a recharge of Rs 19, then he would get 200 MB of internet data along with free unlimited calls and SMS. Whereas a non jio prime user would get only 100 MB of internet data. So, basically, by subscribing to Jio Prime membership, you would be able to get double benefits whenever you do a recharge on your Jio number. Isn’t it cool? The fees to enroll in the Jio Prime membership ain’t that expensive. It just costs you Rs 99 for a one year membership. With the help of Jio prime, you can avail a lot of extra benefits whenever you do the recharge.

How To Subscribe To Jio Prime?

  1. First of all, download the My Jio App from Google Play Store or update it if you have already downloaded.
  2. Open the app, sign in with your mobile number and password (If you haven’t set password, you’ll be prompted to set a password)
  3. Once you’re done with the login, tap on the options and click on the Jio Prime option.
  4. On the next screen, you will find the details and price of Jio Prime membership i.e Rs 99 for a year.
  5. Now select your preferred payment mode and proceed to the payment page.
  6. Your Jio Prime membership will be activated once you make the payment of Rs 99.

That’s it, by following the above steps you can become a Jio Prime Member. Here are the plans for Jio Prime Members. (These plans will not be applicable to non jio prime members)

Jio Prime Plans

Rs 19 Plan: This is the starting recharge pack in Jio, for Rs 19 you will get 200 MB 4G Internet data, remaining features like calling, roaming, SMS are unlimited. The validity of this pack is 1 Day.

Rs 49 Plan: With Rs 49 recharge, you will get 600 MB of internet data along with unlimited voice calling and SMS. The validity of Rs 49 pack is 3 days.

Rs 96 Plan: In this pack, there is no limit on anything. You can use as much as data you want. However, there’s a cap of 1 GB per day. After that, your will speed will be reduced. Other things like roaming, SMS, and calling remains unlimited, and the validity of this pack is 7 Days.

Rs 149 Plan: With Rs 149 recharge, you can use the internet upto 2GB at 4G speed. Post 2 GB, the speed will be reduced. Along with data, calling and SMS are unlimited and comes with a validity of 28 days.

Rs 303 plan: Rs 303 recharge will give you 28 GB of high-speed data. You can use 1 GB per day with 4G speed. After that, limit speed will be reduced. The validity of this pack is 28 days.








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